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Pulse Publisher provides comprehensive management and control over the full life cycle of trade journal publication - whether for a single title or multiple titles - to gain a winning competitive edge.


  • Plan editorial programmes
  • Assign features to journalists


  • Plan sales campaigns
  • Manage advertiser accounts


  • Co-ordinate the production of copy
  • Supports printed and digital media


  • Invoice advertisers & subscribers
  • Assess financial performance

Work From Anywhere

Secure, yet flexible. Access Pulse Publisher from any location, using just a web browser. Work from home, or whilst out on the road, just as if you were in the office.

Simple To Use

Designed to be intuitive to use, the Pulse Publisher package includes training, documentation and UK based telephone support.

Managed Service

Pulse Publisher requires no servers or software to be installed on your premises. We take care of the IT so you can take care of business.


Pulse Publisher is a robust and reliable product, the result of over 15 man years of development. It has seen 5 years active service in the publishing industry.

Cost Effective

Pulse Publisher is priced for the small business, starting at £35/month/user. Dramatically improve efficiency and productivity across editorial, sales, production and accounting departments.

No Lock In

We recognise the importance of your data, and guarantee unrestricted access to that information, in industry-standard file formats, should you ever decide the product is no longer for you.